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Jun. 13th, 2007


New trailers!

Mizuiro Blood

Join us or die! I'm not sure what's going on in this trailer, and I'm sure it will never hit the states, but it sure looks amazing!

Powerpuff Girls Z

I'm still having trouble believing that they did this.

Capucine Trailer

The French are so strange... but still this game looks like it could either be really awesome, or really... boring.

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Jun. 7th, 2007


Fret Nice!

This upcoming title for the PC won best concept at the Swedish Music Awards. It definitely looks interesting, although I think it'd be better off on a console. The music is katamari-ish, with some quirky gameplay. Any thoughts?

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Jun. 5th, 2007


Introducing New Tokidoki Gallery!

Up until now, we could only bring you a few images with each article. But all that has changed! We are now going to be showing you tons of images from upcoming games, anime, manga, and all the other fun stuff we cover.

This is all because of Tokidoki Gallery - an album tool that we can use to upload multitudes of images into different categories. To start things off, take a look at our new galleries.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Dragon Tamer
Eternal Sonata
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
Monkey Magic
Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes
Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
Tokidoki Art & Images

Oh, and did I mention you can comment on images? Well , you can. =)

And if you're in the mood for art, or talking, don't forget about our Forums and Oekaki board.

That's all for now. Enjoy the images and keep checking back for more!

May. 15th, 2007


Smash Bros Brawl - New Character Annouced Soon?

The official Smash Bros website is featuring a count down - a six day count down. What could be revealed at the end of this count down? A new character, perhaps? New images from the game? Nothing but a revamped and new Smash Bros site? Who knows, but rumors are flying everywhere.

The rumor that seems to be the most widespread is that Tingle will be annouced as the newest character. This is based on an old scan from a Japanese magazine showing Tingle with the other Smash Bros characters.

Another Smash rumor is that the game will be released for the GameCube at the same time it's released for Wii, but I have a feeling that this is nothing more than a rumor. Smash Bros is going to sell Wii's like hotcakes. Why put it out on the GameCube?

But anyway, we should see what all these rumors amount to in six days. Keep checking back with us.

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May. 2nd, 2007


Parappa Raps on the PSP

The playstation title that introduced North America to the music genre is being ported to the PSP.

I've never thought Parappa to be the great music game, or even one of the greatest, but it's hard to deny the game's charm, or what it's done for the genre in the US. If you haven't played this one, you're going to get another chance. Don't miss it this time. =)

Apr. 30th, 2007


My Pokemon Pearl Friend Code!!!

Please add me and tell me yours. =)

4124 1538 0333

Name: Kit


Apr. 29th, 2007


And Nintendo takes the lead!

Nintendo is doing great in terms of sales. They have recently revealed that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have solder over 1 million copies since the games' release. In Japan, Gyakuten Saiban 4 (Phoenix Wright 4) has sold over 500,000 copies since its release.

Also, Nintendo has reported over 3.3 million virtual console downloads, but did not report which titles were the most popular.

Bandai Namco is taking advantage of the popularity of the Wii by releasing Taiko no Tatsujin DS, a port of their drum music game.

And Nintendo is not taking the sales of their handheld system lightly. They have said that they plan on shipping 22 million units of the Nintendo DS worldwide by 2008.

And if you're worried about first party titles coming to the DS and the Wii, worry no more. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has said that nintendo is working on no less than 124 first party games for the two system. 79 are for the DS and 45 are for the Wii. He said the next wave of first party games will be seen at the end of summer.

That's a lot of titles. Any ideas what might be in store for us?

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Apr. 28th, 2007


Xenosaga Developer to work with Nintendo

Up until now Namco had owned 96% of the shares for Monolith Soft, the developer of the Xenosaga series. Recently, however, Namco has transfered 80% of its shares to Nintendo.

The reason, according to Namco, is primarily to strengthen its relationship with Nintendo in the future. This isn't surprising seeing as now Nintendo is doing so well in the console race, and Sony, well, Sony has some catching up to do.

Monolith Soft isn't entirely new to working on Nintendo titles. They have released Xenosaga 1&II to the DS, as well as worked on Baten Kaitos for the GameCube.

As to what this means to the Xenosaga series, we'll have to wait and see.

Apr. 25th, 2007


Final Fantasy Updates

It seems the Square-Enix has officialy said that they don't have any plans to bring their titles to Ninendo's Virtual Console any time soon. This doesn't come as a huge shock - they already make a ton of money by releasing their titles as ports and remakes every few months. The little amount of profit they'd get from distributing them via VC would hardly be worth it.

In other news, Square has said that the FFXIII franchise could last for up to 10 years. The old habbit of making new FF games in new worlds may be over. Expect FFXIII spin-off titles, much like the assortment of FFVII games that are out there now. Plus, if this franchise will really last ten years, we should see some direct RPG sequels to the series as well.

More images

Apr. 23rd, 2007


Silent Hill 5 will be like Silent Hill 2

Composter of the Silent Hill series, Akira Yamaoka, has said that Silent Hill 5 will follow in the footsteps of Silent Hill 2. Not necesarily in story, but in gameplay and style. His actual quote was the game would be similair to Silent Hill 2, "in the terms of the way the player is directed and the character's behavior." In addition, the camera will be set up the same way it is in Silent Hill 2.

He also said that Silent Hill 5 would be coming to next-gens systems, "like PS3 and Xbox 360."

I think a lot of people will be relieved to hear that the game won't be following in the footsteps of Silent Hill 4.

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